Bringing Hearts Together.

Emotional Support And Resources For Families Divided By The Justice System

Stabilize families. rehabilitate and build confidence

Prevention of generational incarceration

Emotional Support And Resources For Families Divided By The Justice System

Stabilize families. rehabilitate and build confidence

Prevention of generational incarceration

what is
300 Letters?

300 Letters is a movement focused on creating and maintaining the bond between recently released parents and their children. We wish to help these families recover from the trauma of incarceration together and prove that they shouldn’t be defined by their experience, but rather the way they managed it.
By creating a community full of resources, our goal is to break the generational curse of incarceration and prevent children from following down that path. 300 Letters plans to contribute to a healthy and strong bond between parent and child in order to tackle the emotional and environmental issues that lead to criminal behavior.

our story

Legend and Amanda, founders of 300 Letters Inc., were incarcerated together during the most challenging time in their lives. Leaving behind their oldest son Dorian who was suffering the loss of his biological father, they learned that a new baby was on the way a month into Amanda’s incarceration. Legend and Amanda were forced to learn the business of the criminal justice system and grew together during their separation.

A family forcefully split and getting larger fueled this young couple to ensure that they stick together through the letters they wrote. There were approximately 300 letters mailed back and forth between the couple; with updates, emotional battles, and goals for their life as the day to freedom approached. This experience made them realize the importance of support through family bonds and the lack of awareness towards preservation of these bonds as people move past this traumatic event.

the problem

5.7 million U.S. children have experienced parental incarceration = 1 in 12

When a father is incarcerated family income can drop 22% so even if these families aren’t at poverty level, income is scarce and used for survival.

Florida has the 3rd largest number of children who have experienced parental incarceration.

Only one non-profit in Florida addressing specific family needs.

our mission

Our mission at 300 Letters Inc. is to bring emotional support, resources, and confidence to the families that have been impacted by the criminal justice system. We want to create a transparent environment where parents can rebuild connections with their children and reintegrate into society successfully.

There are not enough organizations that help children deal with the trauma of parental separation due to incarceration.

300 Letters envisions a positive future for families recovering from incarceration experiences. 300 Letters envisions that children of incarcerated parents don’t fall victim to the same path by providing assistance and counseling that are not offered or available to many families.

300 Letter wishes to provide a support system that understands the difficulties of confronting the social stigma of a felony record.

There aren’t sufficient studies to show how these children are being impacted on an emotional and behavioral level.

the solution

Family Healing & Recovery with Counseling

Alleviate Financial Stress with Childcare Assistance & Programs

Prevention of Generational Incarceration

Strengthen and Regain Trust and Bonds Between Families

plan of action

Connect with Local Halfway Houses and Like Minded Orgs. to provide the services of the 300 Letters program.

300 Letters will link families with counselors and cover counseling costs.

Counseling will be crucial to tackle emotional barriers, break stigma and boost confidence between family and society.

300 Letters will link families with local Child Care/After School programs and cover these costs as long as the duration of the program (3-6 months)

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program application

The 300 Letters Program was designed by co-founders Legend and Amanda to provide families with the emotional support and resources that were not available to them. They experienced first-hand how critical it is to have the support and connection to their family in order to succeed in society. This program will include:
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