300 Letters X Power 96
300 Letters had the honor of getting invited to the ” Power to the People” show hosted by Ivy Unleashed and speak about the 300 Letters Mission and the journey the organization has embarked on this far.

Founder’s Legend and Amanda take it way back to how it all began, sharing their experience being incarcerated and why 300 Letters is so critical to the community. Tune In!


Five Lessons for Leading Fearlessly in 2021


Locked Up to Locked In
Returning to a society where self-isolation, job scarcity and fear for your health is a worldwide crisis. From Locked up to Locked In, people returning to society during these times are not experiencing freedom.Covid-19 has made reentry a bigger challenge, people are trying to pursue stability during the most vulnerable times. Supported by the Chan Zuckerberg Initiative, The Justice Fellowship is a journalism training and reporting program at Univision.